Balancing a Budget: What Will My Monthly Heating Oil Cost Be?

Plotting out your energy budget during the winter can be difficult. Will surprisingly cold temperatures force you to use more heating oil than you expect? Does having guests over for the holidays drive up your bills? Your monthly heating oil cost might vary this winter, but with a little math and some help from the affordable heating oil experts at Husky Heating Oil, you can get a good idea of what you will be spending.

What Are Your Monthly Fuel Oil Averages?

Start by gathering all of your heating oil bills from the past few winters if you have them available. Write down all of the heating oil you used over the course of the year. Once you add together your usage over the 12-month period, you can divide it by 12. That number represents your average heating oil cost for that year.

To get a more detailed average, you can then add up all of the years of data that you have and divide that by 12. That will give you a good idea of your annual average and monthly heating oil cost. This is a great starting place.

How Can You Get A More Detailed Idea Of Your Heating Fuel Cost?

To go into more detail, you can examine the average temperatures during the winter for each year that you have heating bill data from. Then, consider what this year’s winter has in store. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a “polar coaster” of temperatures, so you should expect an icy chill more often than not. Then, you can compare current heating oil rates to what you paid in the past. Expect natural fluctuation over the course of the season. If you want to lock in a great rate, we encourage you to sign up for our automatic delivery service. Because we know that you will be needing heating oil, we can schedule our delivery routes more efficiently. We pass that savings on to you in a lower price per gallon.

Keep Your Monthly Heating Oil Cost Affordable with Husky Heating Oil

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