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My furnace is making an odd noise. What should I do?

It is a good idea to have a professional look at your furnace. If the heat is still working you can save yourself a few dollars by scheduling a service call on the next business day, rather than calling for an after-hours visit. Until the service provider arrives, however, keep a close watch for any changes.

I smell oil. Is my tank leaking? Is it dangerous?

When you use oil to heat your home, it is not uncommon to have the odor of diesel fuel appear occasionally. A thimble full of heating oil can permeate an entire room.

If your tank is in the basement of your home, go down and inspect it immediately. Heating oil is actually an oil, so it will be greasy, and it is dyed red. If you see any substance resembling this, please call Husky right away. If your tank is outside also inspect it for a red, greasy substance.

As mentioned earlier, diesel fuel has a strong odor and a single drop is noticeable. If your tank is inground and you smell oil, it is likely from your furnace and it is a good idea to schedule an appointment to have it inspected and, if needed, repaired.

Heating oil is a type of diesel fuel, a petroleum product just like gasoline, and its odor is very strong. It can be dangerous in large amounts in small spaces, but this situation is rare. It is more of an annoyance than a danger.

My heat is not working! What do I do?

First, check to be sure your tank is not empty. Most tanks have a gauge and are moderately accurate.

Next, be sure your furnace has power. Occasionally a furnace is on the circuit as another power-hungry appliance and may cause the breaker to trip.

If neither of these solve your problem, a furnace generally has a “restart” button that you can push to get things moving. However, push this button only once. The furnace should run for a few minutes; if so, you have solved your problem. Looking for more detailed instruction on restarting your furnace, click here for written direction or here for an instructional video.

If the furnace refuses to come alive, or if it shuts off again right away, give Husky a call for service.

How do I determine my fuel level?

Inspection of Heating Oil Above Ground Storage Tanks

Heating oil tanks (commercial or residential) can leak due to improper installation or maintenance, can adversely affect the environment, and can lead to costly cleanups for the owner and the State. To avoid expensive oil spills, install new heating oil tank systems in accordance with National Fire Protection Association Code Standard 31 entitled "Installation of Oil-Burning Equipment" and perform routine maintenance on both old and new tank systems. The following checklist can aid you in proper maintenance of your heating oil aboveground storage tank system (AST).

Inspection Checklist

Ask the following questions and if the answer to any of them is "NO," contact your oil dealer or burner technician. It is best to contact a certified professional to correct the problem. Do not attempt to correct problems yourself.

  • Are the tank legs and foundation stable?
  • Is the tank surface free of rust, weeps, or excessive denting?
  • Is the area around the filter and valves free of drips or signs of leakage?
  • Are the oil lines between the tank and the furnace enclosed in protective tubing? Additional information on copper tubing can be found on the Oil Control Program’s Fact Sheets, Publications, and Reports webpage.
  • Is the tank protected from falling snow or ice?
  • Is the tank vent unclogged and free of ice, snow, corrosion, or insect nests?
  • Does the tank system have a vent alarm and is it working properly? Ask your oil delivery person if the alarm whistles when filling. Additional information on vent alarms can be found on the Oil Control Program's Fact Sheets, Publications, and Reports webpage.
  • Are the areas around the fill pipe and vent pipe free of signs of spills?
  • Are you using an average amount of oil for your system? Using more oil than normal usually indicates a problem with your system.

Further Contacts & Information

For further information on the inspection of heating oil AST systems, please contact the Oil Control Program at (410) 537-3442 or (800) 633-6101 x3442. Visit the Maryland Oil Control Programs website for more details.

To report oil spills call 1-866-633-4686. Available 24 hours a day.

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