How Long Will My Heating Oil Last?

Whether you just received a new heating oil delivery to fill your tank or you are checking the forecast and ready to prepare for a few days cooped up at home, determining how long heating oil will last is essential. What factors determine how long fuel oil will last and in the Maryland and Pennsylvania areas, and when you should place your next order with Husky Heating Oil?

Your Oil Furnace

Just like the miles you can get from a gallon of gas vary depending on the age and condition of your vehicle, the heating oil that you use will vary depending on the age and condition of your furnace. If you have regular preventative maintenance performed on your furnace, there is a good chance that it is in better condition than its age would indicate. However, if you have not had maintenance performed on a regular basis, your furnace might use more fuel oil than another of the same age and model would.

The Conditions Outside

Next, the conditions outside will also affect how long heating oil will last in your home. When the weather is colder or snowy, you will use more fuel oil than you would when it is above freezing. This is especially true if your home is not sealed properly and you lose heat more quickly. The more energy-efficient that your home is, the less that you should notice a dramatic change in your heating oil usage when the temperatures drop a little.

The Amount of Oil You Have

Finally, the amount of oil that you have in your heating oil tank will directly affect how long heating oil lasts. We created the chart below based on the average home in Pennsylvania or Maryland, and it gives you a rough idea of how long fuel oil will last based on average usage. We encourage you to always err on the side of caution to avoid running out completely. At all times, you should keep the oil level in your fuel oil tank above 30 gallons.

Average Outside Temperature (°F) Approximate Gallons Used in 24 Hours Approximate Days 25 Gallons Will Last
15 7.8 3.2
20 7.0 3.6
25 6.2 4.0
30 5.3 4.7
35 4.5 5.6
40 3.7 6.8
45 2.8 8.9
50 2.0 12.5

If you need a heating oil delivery now, call Husky Heating Oil to schedule it. We encourage all homeowners who rely on heating oil as their primary fuel source to enroll in complimentary automatic delivery to never run out.

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