How Much Does It Cost to Convert Your Heating Oil System?

Every time you prepare to make a major change to your home, like updating your heating system, there are numerous factors you consider before you take the plunge. Remember that any big changes you make to your furnace or heating system can be a major investment, and the same is true if you convert your heating oil system. In many cases, it is more affordable to upgrade your existing heating oil system than to replace it and convert it entirely. How much does it cost to convert your heating oil system in the Maryland and Pennsylvania area?

How Much Does It Cost to Convert Your Heating Oil System?

When converting any heating system from one type to another, many homeowners underestimate the energy savings and the total cost of conversion. For example, you might invest a great deal to convert your fuel oil system and end up feeling like you made a lateral move. In general, we suggest that, if your current system is working well and you are not overspending on repairs and maintenance to keep it operational, you should wait before you convert your fuel oil system. The best time to contemplate a switch is when you would be replacing the system entirely anyways. Husky Heating Oil offers high-quality fuels treated with ECOPlus to make your heating oil system as efficient as possible and limit the maintenance and repairs necessary.

What Should You Consider Before You Convert Your Heating Oil System?

First, consider that fuel quality has come a long way over the past few decades. Today’s heating oil is cleaner than before, particularly when you utilize high-quality fuels like those from Husky Heating Oil, and it burns hotter for more efficient heat. If you purchased a home with oil heat, you might not be that familiar with it and assume that a heat pump is better. However, oil heat is a warmer heat and can save money on your energy bills during the winter. By updating your heating oil system, you can experience a cost-effective way to keep your family comfortable.

Your current water heater should also be factored into the cost of conversion. If you use fuel oil to warm your water, both the water heater system and its piping will also need to be replaced if you were to convert. You should also think critically about the longevity of your existing heating oil system. Many heat pumps require replacement once a decade, while oil furnaces that are properly maintained and burning quality fuels can last for decades.

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