The Importance of a Spring Heating Oil Tank Fill

When the weather warms up and you find yourself kicking on the heat less and less, it might seem like heating oil is no longer important. However, a spring heating oil tank fill is a critical step to ensure the continued performance and efficiency of your oil furnace. When you leave your tank empty or low, condensation can form and cause serious problems for your system next season. To prevent these problems Husky Heating Oil offers spring tank fill-ups throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania areas.

How Does Condensation Form in My Heating Oil Tank?

Fuel Oil tanks start to experience wild temperature fluctuations as temperatures warm up. This pulls moisture from the air inside of your oil tank and draws it to the walls of the tank, where it will accumulate. Condensation is very common in heating oil tanks that are not indoors or that experience direct sunlight. When you get a spring heating oil tank fill, there is more oil in your tank. When there is more oil in your tank, there is less air for moisture and less surface area for condensation to accumulate. Once water is in your tank, it isn’t easy to get it out.

How Does Condensation Lead to Sediment?

Water is denser than heating oil, which means it will collect at the bottom of your tank when it forms. In the water, small micro-organisms will multiply and create sediment. Over time, sediment will build up and clog your burner nozzle and fuel lines. In mild cases, this can make your system operate less efficiently than it otherwise would. In more serious cases, it can make your heating system fail entirely. Sediment is also corrosive, and it can cause your heating oil tank to rust from the inside out.

How Can Husky Heating Oil Protect Me During My Spring Heating Oil Tank Fill?

We use high-quality heating oil that prevents the growth of bacteria and sediment in your tank. This allows for an efficient system that runs well today and next year. Husky Heating Oil also offers competitive heating oil rates, so ordering heating oil now that you won’t use until the fall gives you a great rate and a head start on next season.

Quality Heating Oils from Husky Heating Oil

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