Why Am I Using More Heating Oil Over the Holidays?

The chestnuts are roasting over an open fire and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but is that good news for your heating oil bill? Many homeowners find themselves using more heating oil than usual over the course of the holidays. Thankfully, the holidays don’t need to mean a sky-high fuel or electricity bill when you practice conservation and rely on Husky Heating Oil.

Why Are You Using More Heating Oil Over the Holidays?

There are numerous reasons why you are using more heating oil and electricity during the holiday months, and some of them are unavoidable. Hosting friends and family for parties and dinners means using the oven and dishwasher more frequently, turning up your thermostat and making dozens of people comfortable instead of only a few. Why are you using more heating oil and energy?

  • If children return home from college for the holidays, having someone in the rooms that are typically unoccupied will increase heating and electricity costs.
  • Many people turn up the thermostat when hosting to ensure that guests are comfortable and warm.
  • As the weather gets colder, it’s easy to forget to layer up indoors and instead rely on heating oil and space heaters to stay warm.
  • Daylight savings time ends before the holidays begin, so households naturally use more electricity when it gets dark outside earlier in the day.

How Can I Use Energy and Heating Oil More Efficiently?

During the holiday months, energy efficiency is key to prevent using more heating oil and energy than usual. Educate your household on the best ways to reduce energy consumption, like wearing socks and slippers and using throw blankets on the couch to stay warm. When having guests over, turn your thermostat down instead of up. The body heat of your guests will warm the space naturally.

If you have a fireplace or candles, don’t be afraid to light them to improve the ambiance and warm up your living space. Never leave a candle lit when you are not in the room or asleep! Another great way to prevent your home from using more heating oil in the winter is completing an energy audit. A small investment in having your home inspected for efficiency and sealing up your windows and doors can go a long way.

Avoid Using More Heating Oil with Husky Heating Oil

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