How Can an On-Site Fuel Pump Protect Your Employees?

If your employees rely on work vehicles or your job site relies on gas-fueled equipment, trips to the gas station are probably part of their regular workday. Every trip to the gas station, however, increases the risk that your employees might pick up unwanted germs and viruses. One research study found that over 70% of gas pump handles have high levels of germs and bacteria and that they can be one of the filthiest surfaces you touch over the course of the day. Installing an on-site fuel pump and using high-quality fuel from Husky Heating Oil can eliminate this hazard.

Why Are Employees at Risk When Fueling at a Gas Station?

The rapid spread of illnesses and viruses have shone a light on the risks that employees who use work vehicles face when fueling up during the workday. As a result, many fleet owners and businesses are exploring new ways to reduce risk. While having your employees wear masks and frequently wash their hands can be a positive change, visiting a gas station multiple times a day could offset that progress. An on-site fuel pump cuts down on the number of people touching a gas pump handle and visiting a gas station, and it also reduces the contact your employees have with the general public.

Why Should You Choose an On-Site Fuel Pump?

An on-site fuel pump lets your employees fuel up when they need to, which increases how convenient it is to start the workday with a full tank. It also improves the safety procedures of your business, as you have total control over the high-quality Huskey Heating Oil fuels going into your fleet and the on-site fuel pump. Even if you have 100 employees utilizing the same pump at your property, that is far fewer people than would come into contact with a public gas station pump over the course of three days, the time it takes for some viruses to disappear from plastic and metal. For additional safety, you can have single-use gloves available for employees to use and hand sanitizer and wipes next to the pump for sterilization between uses.

Use a Safe On-Site Fuel Pump from Husky Heating Oil

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