Help, I Smell Heating Oil! Is Smelling Heating Oil Dangerous?

Millions of Americans rely on high-quality heating oil to keep their homes comfortable for an affordable price. While you probably won’t be smelling heating oil on a daily basis, you might experience a slight odor occasionally. If you find yourself smelling heating oil in your home, what should you do? Don’t panic!

Is Smelling Heating Oil Dangerous?

The fumes that heating oil creates are non-toxic, and in most cases, they do not pose a risk to your furnace, your home or your health. All of Husky Heating Oil’s fuels are high-quality and do not contain carcinogens or anything dangerous. Fuel oil cannot ignite unless it is heated to 410 degrees in a furnace environment, so you do not need to worry that it will ignite in your home. There are numerous situations that can occur in your furnace and home that can cause you to smell heating oil.

I’m Smelling Heating Oil! What Happened?

  • The first time that you turn your furnace on every fall or winter, there is typically an odor. This smell should go away on its own after the furnace warms up, burns off any dust that settled during the months of non-use and starts heating your home.
  • If you have not had regular maintenance completed on your furnace, you could be smelling heating oil on a regular basis. The nozzle that converts fuel oil into vapor can become clogged without proper maintenance. As a result, some oil will not properly combust and will leave behind a smell. While the fuel oil that Husky Heating Oil uses is designed to never accumulate in a nozzle, older furnaces can still have difficulty.
  • Are there leaks from your fuel oil lines, fittings or tank? Oil sitting on the ground can lead to a lingering smell in the area. If you do see a stain, don’t touch or move the tank. Instead, call for a repair as soon as possible to prevent additional damage.
  • Heating oil is incredibly safe, and both heating oil and heating oil furnaces are rigorously tested to ensure safety. However, in rare situations, if you smell oil and see smoke inside of your home, you should use the oil burner switch to shut it off immediately. Once you turn off the furnace, call your fuel oil maintenance company for help.

Quality Heating Oils from Husky Heating Oil

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