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We proudly deliver heating oil to homes and businesses in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford & Howard Counties. We also deliver to a few towns in southern Carroll County and parts of Baltimore City.

We are a small heating oil company doing big things! We pride ourselves on running an efficient operation, thus keeping the costs to our customers to a minimum. Here at Husky, we genuinely care about our customers; we get to know your family and that helps us to fully understand your fuel oil needs. Husky welcomes your questions or comments at any time!

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Woodstock, MD - Heating Oil Delivery

Woodstock, MD - Heating Oil Delivery

We deliver to these towns in Maryland:

Severna Park, Simpsonville, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Park

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Woodstock, MD is a former mining town that has grown into a 7,000-resident suburb of Baltimore. Woodstock spans three counties: Howard, Baltimore and Carroll. Woodstock, MD was first settled in the early 1700s by Thomas Browne. Thomas Browne was known as the Texas Ranger. Browne explored the Anne Arundel County area and put down roots in Woodstock.

Woodstock first gained residents and notoriety due to its mines. It boasts impressive granite quarries that attracted workers and businesses to the area. The B&O Railroad built a station in 1835 specifically to accommodate the deliveries of granite leaving the town. Initially, the post office was named Davis Tavern when it opened in the 1830s. Caleb Davis was one of the first contractors for B&O, and he lent the town his name. Davis, along with Peter Gorman, both worked selling granite to construction companies,

Peter Gorman married Elizabeth Browne of the Browne family that settled the area and built a large granite house for his new family. The granite house stood until the 1980s, when it was demolished to construct a bridge across the Patapsco River.

While the town was first named Davis Tavern, it was and is still sometimes referred to as Granite, MD. Numerous publications use the two interchangeably, and if you write “Granite, MD” on a letter, the post office will deliver it to Woodstock. Whether you call it Granite for the famous mines or Woodstock, it is a wonderful Maryland suburb to live in.

If you are a Woodstock, MD homeowner searching for a more cost-effective and reliable way to heat your house during the ice, snow and winter weather-filled Maryland winters, Husky Heating Oil can help. We take pride in offering high-quality heating oil backed up with top-notch customer service and competitive pricing. To learn more about our heating oil services or schedule your delivery, call Husky Heating Oil at (410) 415-9499.

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